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Week 3

October 9, 2009

4. has had a lot of new customers and new people accessing the site which means that the company will be able to use the information to target new people. The amount of unique visitors that come to the site shows that as a website it is successful. It is one of the most popular search results when entering the word WINE into a search engine. This shows that against competitors it should rank at the top as being first n the list most new customers will click to access it. is the top of the list and that is what attracts a lot of new customers to the site.

unique visits

Over the past few months has been successful in having a lot of people visiting the website. The amount of visits as you can see from the graph means that over a period of December the visits to the site increased. From the reviews that people left this may be because they do good offers that will allow customers to buy gifts for friends and family and to use wine over the festive period. From the list of ratings and reviews out of 12 ratings 8 gave a five star. This is very high rating and shows that has the capability to attract new competitors.


5 stars (8) 4 stars (0) 3 stars (1) 2 stars (0) 1 stars (3)

Below shows how popular is to the general public and how it attracts to the different target audiences. It shows that most people who use the website do so from work and that less people use the website at home and school. It also shows that from the ages of 25-54 proves most popular. It also shows that the age group of 18-24 is least popular. Some over 65’s do use it as well allow not as many as the 35-44 age group which is the most popular. Most people who use the website are females and therefore should try to aim their website at females in the age between 25 and 54. Also if they want to improve their sales they should probably aim their website at the younger people who are in college.



When you enter the website name and the page appears the first thing that is asked of you is what state you want your goods shipped to. The page below shows what it looks like when it’s first opened. It gives you a list of the states that the company can deliver the wine too.


After choosing which state you would like the wine delivered to it’s solely up to you as the customer to choose what you would like. The user interface on the website is friendly and easy to use and so navigating a way round the website should not be a problem. When you decide what wine you want and click the ADD TO CART button it will automatically add.  You can add as many items as you would like. Once you have finished and are satisfied with your purchases you click the checkout button. Once there you will be asked if that is everything and you proceed.


You then must access your personal information including your name Zip code and password. Once you create an account will be able to target you with a list of all the previous items you have bought. Once you have entered all your personal information you are asked for your bank details.

Entering all the information you will finally be allowed to get your confirmation order. You follow five steps listed below. After all steps are completed you wine will be sent out.



I believe that if wants to be successful then a good way of going about improving their business idea would be to approach new ways of marketing and improving their business and prospective buyers. There are many possible ways in which they could market their company. As mainly an internet based company they are leaving themselves with too many eggs in the one basket so to speak, and although they do have two retail shops by advertising better and making it more accessible to more people the company could be able to improve sales and all aspects of the business.

The best way I believe is to make their website accessible through digital television if a possible customer was sitting at home during a commercial break and an advert came on telling them that instead of accessing the internet they could do it right there and then through pressing a button on the remote control then it may attract new consumers. The customer would press say the ‘red’ button say and would bring them to’s selection page where they would be able to make their own choice of wine selection and order it. The payment method would be through credit or debit card. This method of payment would be the only one accepted. would also be able to keep a record of the customer name address and what wine they have bought in the past, so that they could send brochures out advertising the type of wine that customer would like. This process seems to be the most viable and easiest applicable as the company can attract a new range of interested consumers.

This method is strategically good as it is not a lot of bother to set up allow it does mean that company will need to pay different channels for methods of advertising during commercial breaks on TV. This may be the only main problem apart from the added advertising costs should benefit in the long term from expanding their advertising base that would enable them to gain new customers and hopefully make the company more successful in the long run.