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Week 9

November 19, 2009

In this week’s assignment I was asked to do a task that involved me using a search engine by Google that would allow me to come up with no more than twelve key phrases that would link to my e-commerce website. I have to make the most of the key words and phrases and list them showing how influential and important they are to my site. After doing this I summarize why they are important and the reasons that I chose these certain phrases. We had been given different links from the website homepage to try out and to cut it down to what I thought was key words and phrases and what would be important for my e-commerce site when using an AdWords campaign. I then started working on my key words that best describe my site. When I searched my first site that I decided to use the this allowed me to try and list different key phrases that could be useful.

As you can see from the screen shot above I have searched for the key words related to my e-commerce website. As you can see from the print screen from above it is very important for me to make the right decision regarding the company. Seeing my site was quite a large company in America I narrowed my search to America so it only found results from America which allows me to make a better judgment off my key phrases.

If I begin to look at and study my results you can see that some of the key phrases and words are general and not really related to my e-commerce site and therefore will not be included when I take into consideration what would be key. If you look at the top of the search results you can see that the first key phrase given is ‘gift baskets’ now this is a general term which is not specific to a wine company or to my e-commerce site. This is a problem as if pay for the link then every time a user searched this and click through it then it can cause a problem as the customer could be looking for Christmas baskets and nothing to do with wine but will have to pay for this as they have paid for the link. This can cause many problems as they are paying for nothing and costing the company valuable money.

I also put the same search into groups to see if they helped me when making my decision, although they did separate everything into groups they did not provide enough material and included the word ‘wine’ in nearly every group and therefore did prove to be beneficial to me as you can see from the print screen below.

When I looked at the different sites and decided what the best key words are to pick I decided to go with the different words that I feel will enable the to use these key and vital words which would make them appear in a search engines results that would make them improve in a search.

The words I selected where;

  • Wine– I selected this word as it is a general word and when you type it into a search engine appears. Although many different companies are competing for the word then the price will be high but since it is essential and helps the company advertise this has to be a key word.
  • Champagne gift- this is a key word as the company does supply some champagne and when you search for the word it is a high result. It may also cost more for the company to get its name on the top of a search engine but it will allow for the company to get a high search result.
  • Wine online- this is a key word as the company is able to make sure that they are high up on this section this is because they specialize in this section of the market. This allows will be high cost as well as it is a market which has loads of competition.
  • Wine Christmas- this is a key phrase for me as they allow the company to show what different types of gifts they sell and how they can compete on a wider market. This cost will also be high for the company as many people will be looking for Christmas gifts and not only wine but get directed to this site.
  • Chateau lafite- this also is a key word as when a customer searches for a specific wine they should be directed to the page. should ensure that they target this section as the cost per click will be cheaper and people will be searching for a wine and therefore it will be not be a waste of cost.
  • Best Red wines- this allows the company to pay for every time someone clicks through this will allow to set this as a target and ensure that they finish top of the search engine results.
  • Shiraz- this again will allow the company to target this section and make sure that the customer will be targeted through this section of it. When a customer searched this key word it will allow them to make sure that they search the key phrase and therefore will be able to set this as a target.
  • Thanksgiving wine guide- as this is one of the most searched links this will allow to target this key phrase and allow them to make sure that when a customer searches this key phrase the company’s link finishes top of the search results.
  • Affordable Bordeaux- this will once again allow the company to make sure that they do not waste money for when someone clicks through their site, this key phrase will make sure that the company will make the most of the different key phrases.
  • Wine and spirits top 100- this will allow the company to target this section of the market and make sure that when a customer searches these key words they once again finish top of the results.
  • Vintage wines- this key phrase allows the company to make sure that the key phrase is vital to make sure they allow the customer to make the most of what they search, when they search this key phrase it allows the company not to waste any money through the clicks that customers might waste.
  • Italian wine- this specifies to the customer searching what type of wine they are looking for and therefore when it appears on the search should be make sure that they have it at the top of their search results. It will allow the customer to know what they are clicking on and allow the company not to waste money on cost per clicks and pointless clicks.

During this weeks blog I have identified what I feel are twelve key phrase that could use when trying to identify and make a point of using ad words to make their search results relevant and not waste money on cost per clicks and when a customer clicks so it’s not pointless waste of money. I also tried to search for new ways of checking for ad words and new ways of checking what most successful searches are but failed to find anything.