Week 8

In this weeks blog I will discuss how easy I fund it to access my site www.wine.com using a search engine. I will examine a few different search sites and will determine how easy it I to find my site. I will also compare my search results to the search results of other wine selling companies. I will also include screen shots of my results and pay attention to the ‘paid for’ results.

Being an American company and only selling their wine in America when looking at search engines, they did not appear when you search www.google.ie or www.google.co.uk as they do not advertise in Britain or Ireland because they do not sell.

So my search engines will all be used with the standard .com at the end.

My first search that I undertook was on Google. I entered ‘buying wine online’ into the search engine. After clicking the enter button the search results came back and the company that came back was www.wine.com. This is the e-commerce company that I have been researching over the past few weeks. This is very important for a company to be top of a search engine it shows that the company has good recognition and that it is a popular and trusted website. Being top of the natural results in the top rated search engine and not being on the paid for results means that they gain enough creditability and recognition through the natural results.


I then did the same search result in Yahoo and my e-commerce company again came top of the search results. This is good for the company as they do not feature in the paid for results. This is good for the company as they are the first website that a user on the internet will come to when looking for a website to buy wine from.

And since they finished top in the top two search engines as stated by http://www.seoconsultants.com/search-engines/ this proves that the company is a valued e-commerce website with a good customer base and is a popular website.


Then I decided to enter just the name ‘wine’ into both Google and then to Yahoo. On Yahoo it again was the first website to appear but in Google it was the fourth to appear. Again the company does not feature in the paid for column.

I then decided to change my search results and decided to search for different types of wine and see if the company appeared on the search engine after.

The first wine I entered was Shiraz. I entered ‘buying shiraz wine online’ into Google. Wine.com came fourth in the search engine and proved itself again to be a popular company when it comes to buying wine online. This again proves that www.wine.com is an established company with a big customer base in America. It proves again that they have the ability not to put in the paid for section and still be one of the topped rank.


When I searched for Shiraz on Yahoo it did not appear on the first page of the search engine. This is disappointing for the company as Yahoo is the second most popular search engine and they do not advertise wine.com when it comes to buying a particular wine.

One of wine.com most completive rivals www.snooth.com is top on the Google search and third on the Yahoo search. This highlights the importance of advertising online and how some of their rivals can compete when the company does not advertise on a certain search engine.

Although when I did my first search www.snooth.com did not appear on the search engine on the first page. This shows that when it come to it wine.com has an added edge over its competitors and that they can compete with other companies in their market.

Wine.com is a popular company that has a lot of interest in the two main search engines. They come top in the natural result and did not appear in any of the paid for results as they do not need to. This proves a good move as they save money and get the popularity and customers without it. They are the number one selling wine company online.


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