Week 2


Rombauer Vineyards was founded in 1982 by Koerner and Joan Rombauer and sits on a tree covered knoll overlooking the Napa Valley.

Wine.com is the top online wine retailer over the last five years. In the Internet retailer magazine wine.com was ranked number 15 in food and drug companies and 218th overall in the Top 500 guide of e-retailers 2009 edition. The Vineyard is regarded highly in all wine trade journals and many of the world’s finest restaurants use the wine from the vineyard to please their customers.

Originally founded in 1998 as eVineyard.com, we purchased the Wine.com name in 2001 and have grown into the #1 online wine store. Wine.com help you get the facts about the wine and help you make informed decisions about buying wine, who made it, which grapes it contains and what the critics make of it.


Wine.com main aim as their CEO Rich Bergsund is and always will be focused on our core Internet sales channel,” said, Wine.com. But they do have two retail stores in California and Connecticut they allow the customer to meet face to face with the people behind wine.com and allows the people in the company to better the needs of the customer. By showing that their main aim is through sales on the internet but they are willing to open retail shops shows that they are aiming for a financial gain. The company only has one hundred year round employees.

I was unable to find the exact figures but Wine.com has a long history of financial problems, illustrating the challenges of dealing with state restrictions on shipping wine shaped in the 1930s after the end of Prohibition. The retailer can ship wine to customers in only 26 states and is obliged to operate 10 different warehouses that buy from state-licensed wholesalers, increasing its costs. This has the disadvantage that they cannot reach as a wide variety of people as they would like.


Originally founded in 1998 as eVineyard.com, it became Wine.com name in 2001 and has grown into the number 1 online wine store by annual revenues. The business is based around their internet sales although they do have two retail shops which were opened to attract a new target audience. The main income for the business is the internet. They attract all new customers through new means. They use amazon.com to help in advertising and other measures. Their sales although are restricted to the USA and not every state. They have also moved with the times they use Twitter and Facebook to advertise their wine. The internet channel has more sales than the retail shop based on the fact that the company only has two retail shops and the internet can attract a wide customer base. The company was set up to help people enjoy the best of wines and wine.com strives to give the customer the best experience possible. On their website they are summed up by their first line “Our mission is to become the trusted resource for the wine enthusiast.”



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